Cop: Please get out of the car. Me: I am too drunk, you get in


Jennifer Greenland & Luca Pessina | Switzerland

Cop: Please get out of the car. Me: I am too drunk, you get in, 2018
Drinking and driving are obviously a very bad combination. One quarter of mortal car accidents in Switzerland are caused by alcohol, and this scary statistic rises to half of all accidents on weekends. There is an alternative that can save your own and other people's life: Nez Rouge. It is a great service, run exclusively by volunteers, to ensure that people who had a few drinks, don’t get behind the wheel and get home safely. It runs all over Switzerland. We spent the night in a civil service bunker on the Monte Ceneri with other volunteers of all ages. You wait there, drink coffee and have a snack, and socialise until you are called to a location. This night we were called to a restaurant in Lugano. We drove home a couple that had been enjoying a nice dinner with friends. Most people that use this service are not drunk, but they maybe enjoyed a dinner and had more wine than is legally allowed. One person drives the Nez Rouge car you came in and the other drives the customers car. Any tips or donations, go towards running the service. That night we ensured a lovely couple got home safe.