Deborah Kappeler, Gioele Balmelli and Tobias Benedict Kappeler | Zurich

Live life. Give life. By favoring organ donation., 2018

Deborah, Gioele and Tobi spent an afternoon at the Christmas Market in Zuerich to convince passersby to sign an organ donation card. Under current law in Switzerland, to become an organ donor upon death, a person must proactively state its wish while being alive. The three TOY friends had to get out of their comfort zones and get people to listen and hear about the initiative. It was not an easy task - but before the day was over, they convinced 100 people to take the donation card and express their will to give organs. This project had a big impact on the three TOY friends. They needed to convince others to do something that matters and give them another perspective about the cause. But they were also impressed at how many adults already carry a donation card or even better, enabled the function in the emergency setting on the smartphones.


Cassandra Wong and Otto Brockway | Malaysia

Food for the animal shelter in Kota Kinabalu, 2017

For our first TOY Cap Project, we decided to donate food to The SPCA animal shelter in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. We visited the farm and spent time with the animals and the keepers. While being there we got to understand what was needed at the shelter. Otto and I convinced my mother and her friends, who live in Malaysia, to support the shelter. They agreed to give a helping hand on a regular basis. As Tony Robbins always say, if we don't give back when we think we have nothing, we will not give back when we have a lot.


Dagny Telfer | Hamburg

The populist challenge - Politics matter - recognize real issues and do something about it, 2017

Dagny joined United Europe/Young Professionals Seminar in Hamburg - young Europeans discussed the populist challenge. In Europe, populist movements are attracting a growing number of voters with messages that are simplistic and nationalist. The participants, 25 young professionals from twelve European nations, spent an intensive two days in Hamburg debating the many facets of this topic. Dagny did it, because being informed in politics matters and because she wants to improve communication and dialogue with the public and the TOY circle.


Andrea Wild Botero and Raphael Kappeler | Mexico

Scared, shocked, and confused, but physically unharmed, 2017

Andrea and Raphi live and work in Mexico. After the devastating earthquake, they have basically put on hold all their activities to focus on the community, finding ways to help. In 48 hours they have made 300 sandwiches, they have given shelter to 8 people amongst other things.


Alexandra, Melanie, Alison, Abhishek and Filipe | U.K.

TOY Santa and his Elves visit the Puzzle Centre, 2017

Alexandra, Melanie, Alison, Abhishek and Filipe had the huge privilege of visiting the Puzzle Centre. The Puzzle Centre is an institution that provides early education and support for children suffering from autism and communication differences. We had the chance to spend the afternoon with these wonderful children, playing, reading them stories, drawing and spreading a bit of Christmas spirit around the school. It was amazingly heart-warming to see these children light up with such joy and laughter while reacting so positively to us strangers. We were also extremely happy to receive such great feedback from the parents and the teachers at the centre which tells us that at least for that afternoon we really made a difference. As Clare Samways said “For many of our children this may be the first time they will have met Santa. This is why your TOY cap project will be so special for our children and our families, who are so often isolated from mainstream festive events.”


Jennifer Greenland | Berlin

Following the artist Carla Chan, 2017

Monique and Max have a great passion for art and from the beginning shared this interest with their son Yves and today with the TOY family. Yves met many artists, went to numerous art fairs and immersed himself in this world. In January 2011 at the Art Stage Singapore Art fair he joined Indian Artist T. Venkanna in his performance piece. The artist was sitting on a bench, in the nude, in front of a Frieda Kahlo work and invited visitors to sit next to him and take his hand, as a tableau vivant version of the painting behind them. In conservative Singapore, this piece was hugely controversial and had to be cancelled shortly after. Yves had no such fear of these interactions, he dared and challenged himself.

Read More... Today the award is dedicated to his memory and to the TOY circle. We are all now invited into this world of art. For myself, art began as a creative outlet at school and later turned to fascination and wonder as I immersed myself in the study of History of Art at University. Since then, Art has been a part of my life, it has opened new worlds and adventures to me. With this award, I look forward to a new such experience, to following the career of Carla Chan. To building a new partnership for TOY and myself, to building up a dialogue. I will follow her, take an active interest and bring the different ideas and dialogues to the wider TOY circle.


Elaine Ng | Hong Kong

Be brave to show your vulnerability and ask for help, 2017

In Hong Kong, one in six people suffer from a diagnosable mental health illness. Suicide rates for youngsters under 24 as well as people over 60 is on the rise. This past summer when Elaine heard that the first annual Hong Kong Mental Health Conference would be held in November, she instantly volunteered. Regardless of where you are reading this now, 45 percent of us will deal with a mental health illness at least once in our life, so please let’s work together to end the mental health stigma.


David Trehondart | London - UK

Exchanging office work to be a courier for one week, 2017

David hopped on a bike during his lunch break and delivered food in London.He got to talk to customers about the Bibi Fund project is and to raise awareness around kids cancer. He learned a lot about what couriers go through all day. Not an easy job, but it felt good to do something that matters and to be challenged to learn about another profession and how others earn their living.


Maria Adela Sieper & Maleachi Bühringer | Germany and Mallorca

What's love got to do with it , 2017

Maria and Maleachi experience that in life most experiences are not learned, but lived. As a couple they started the "TOYchanginglives" project. This year they started a fundraising campaign by selling bracelets. Relationships are stronger when you are best friends first, and a caring couple second. Together they make a change and together they learn that life is a series of contemporary moments that shape their relationship. What's love got to do with it? Everything


Olga Ortiz | Miami

It seemed impossible to stand up. I needed help, 2017

My name is Valentina, I am 11 years old. I am a cancer patient and I am paralyzed from my hip down. I took part in a contest at the Nicklaus Children Hospital in Miami (where I am being treated) to draw a poster for the International Children's Day in Miami. On March 12th, my drawing was selected to be the motive for the campaign this year. I did something that matters for TOY and I hope that my friend who started this contest with me is smiling in heaven. Olga Ortiz initiated the initiative and as a result a dream comes true for me. She and her team will take me to Disney World.


Fabian Marti | California

When life is on a downward spiral, 2017

It's hard to accept that more than 254,000 people are homeless in California. Karolina Dankow and Fabian Marti met Mark, a 51 year old banker. While struggling to pay off his debt, Mark was still unable to work, and in a fast downward spiral he lost everything he had. He has also been diagnosed diabetic and has to inject insulin regularly. Since Mark does not own a car, Fabian has offered to drive him to the next Walmart in Hawthorne and buy the drugs at affordable price with him. On the weekly trips Mark and Fabian have gotten to know each other and have exchanged funny and sad stories. They have become friends.


Michelle Lee | Hong Kong

Never too old to have fun, 2017

Michelle Lee and a group of volunteers took a group of elderly neighbors from Kowloon to Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. To assist a group of smiling elderly citizens and keep them safe for the journey needs skills and courage. To see them happy and engaged makes everyone smile. TOY Never Too Old is an ongoing project. We will organize many more happy memories with them.


Max & Monique Burger | Brazil

Planting seeds, 2017

“Planting a seed” has different meanings. You can plant seeds with your hands or with your hearts and actions. We learned by planting trees in Brazil, that a forest is only as healthy, strong and beautiful as its diversity of trees. We have planted 150 different seeds for the TOY family and the children from HK at a reforestation project in Bahia. We gave them the first drops of water in the wilderness and cannot wait to see how nature will do the rest to grow a strong, beautiful and healthy TOY forest.


Dagny & Richard Telfer | UK

Spinning for a good cause, 2017

Dagny and Richard Telfer love dogs. Combining their love for the charity guide dog with their passion for healthy living, they have teamed up with the amazing founder of GrooveCycle, Sarah-Jane Aboboto, and her colleague Michael Johnston to provide the complete GrooveCycle experience. They raised enough funds and therefore, after 24 months of training, our TOY puppy will give freedom and independence to someone with sight loss in the UK.


Nadia Kaabi-Linke | Berlin

Making change for people who have very different lives at very different places, 2016

Nadia Kaabi-Linke who works and lives in Berlin goes to a refugee shelter twice a week to help mainly with translations. Her knowledge of Russian and Arabic helped to translate between doctors, officials and specialists and the refugees. Nadia listens to their stories and she helps to show that refugees and other displaced people are just that, people.


Diana Wong | Hong Kong - Bali

Time and touches count, 2016

During her travel, Diana went to West Bali and delivered donations in person to the rarely visited region of the island. The project intention is to share personal Time and Touches with people who receive the supplies. With the expectation to offer materialistic goods to remote villagers, she gained so much more wisdom from them.


Gianni Jetzer | Singapore - Fukushima

A line is a dot that went for a walk, 2016

Art therapy is one way to help children cope with traumatic experiences. Gianni is supporting the artist Noritoshi Hirasawa to raise funds for a two-week art retreat program called Today Is the Day in Singapore for children living in Fukushima, Japan in a contaminated environment. The first year he bought the artwork behind him on the picture entitled Does This Soup Taste Ambivalent? By Ei Arakawa, the following year Gianni asked artists for donations and this year he launched the first Today Is the Day-Portfolio with artworks by Davide Balula, Jessica Diamond, and Carissa Rodriguez. Art theraphy.


Vidur Yadav | Bandrol, India

TOY keeping you warm, 2016

Before going on a hike, Vidur spent time sewing TOY labels onto used clothes. Then he went hiking in Bandrol, a village in the Kully district of the Himachal-Pradesh State in India. He was greeted by children and their parents, then he left with a big smile, thinking his clothes would keep them warm.


Susie | Barcelona

Run for a better life, 2016

And she did it again. Running a marathon with the TOY cap. It was inspiring in many ways – she often places her hand on the head and it gives her courage and strength and it makes her feel easier to keep running.  The fund raised was for “Down Syndrome Association Hong Kong”.


Robert Schloer | Hong Kong

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader, 2016

“Good morning Mr. Robert.” That was how the class started and Robert was startled. He started to read Willy The Dreamer and the children hung on to every word. Books and Beyond Reading Club is a community service initiative focused on providing free English reading enrichment programs to children with lesser means. Run by native English speakers, their mission is to help children develop a love for reading and immerse themselves in an all-English speaking environment.


Olga Ortiz | Miami, Florida

Imagination is more important than knowledge, 2016

Olga and her team know how important it is for children to dream and enrich their brains with art project. For this year’s International Hispanic Theater Festival, they chose “Stone by Stone” after the book “Piedra a Piedra” by Rosa Diaz, Spain. The earth is full of stones. If you look inside them, they are more than simple rocks. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”


Olga Ortiz | Miami – Ecuador

TOY brings toys to children in Ecuador, 2016

After the horrible and devastating earthquake in Ecuador, Olga put together an event in Miami with and for children. The money and toys raised were sent to children in Ecuador.


Nalini Malani | Mumbai, India

Imagine a world without sound, 2016

Kalyani was only 8 when she lost both her parents. At the age of 10, she started to work in order to pay for her sister's education. After an arranged marriage, she gave birth to her son who is deaf. Not only did Nalini buy hearing aids, she also collected funds for one cochlear implant, as well as enrolled the boy in a special school for the hearing challenged.


Evita Schildknecht | Rapperswil, Switzerland

The end is also the beginning, 2016

For her high school graduation, Evita talked about TOY and how she learned to talk about death with her classmates and teachers. She is inspired by the TOY cap projects. Through her presentation, she wanted to encourage her peers to do something that matters at least once a year. Her contagious spirit helped distribute many TOY keeping you warm labels.


Max and Monique Burger | Rome, Worldwide

TOY keeping you warm, 2016

During the 2016 TOY annual event, each TOY friend received a Grana sweater together with a card and a TOY label. The friends had to grab an unwanted garment they wished to donate, removed the label and sewn the extra TOY keeping you warm label onto it. Then they had to give the garment to someone in need of warmth.


Maria Sieper and Maleachi Buehringer | Cuba

Coloring your book of life, 2016

Your life does not have to fit neatly between the lines. Color it in any way you want. On their trip to Cuba, Maria and Maleachi brought colored pencil sets and gave them away to children. Knowing that the children’s daily lives can be changed by having colors in their hands made Maria and Maleachi happy.


Max Burger, Elaine Ng and Fabio Rossi with Isaac Chong | Hong Kong, Korea and Guangzhou

One Sound of the Future, 2016

Elaine, Max and Fabio participated as living sculptures in Isaac Chong’s performance “One Sound of the Future” and experienced an amazing unique moment simultaneously with performing participants in Korea and mainland China. Our ideas of the future interweaving.


Klaus Gabriel | Germany

Making a dream come true at DTM, 2016

Klaus Gabriel invited a boy with special needs to be his co-driver at a DTM fun race in Germany. The boy will never forget this once in a lifetime experience.


Joanna Lisiak | Africa - India

See the world better through worn glasses, 2016

Joanna collected, cleaned and measured 88 pairs of glasses and sent them to people in Africa and India. It is an ongoing project and she keeps collecting used glasses in order to help people with poor eyesight in third world countries.


Anna Abrell | London, UK

And she does it again, running for a good cause, 2016

Anna could have spent a cozy day at home, but instead she put on her running shoes on Monther's Day and ran a half marathon to raise funds for


Silvia Ruiz | India

Free yoga for everyone, 2016

In 2015, Silva spent a few weeks in India to graduate as yoga instructor. She used the time to learn and to heal. She uses her knowledge and shares her experience with children and adults in need wherever she goes.


Gabriel Delponte | Japan

Where your comfort zone is and when you are in it, 2015

Gabriel started the project two years ago. He left the comfort of the studio and took the road to the unknown. With his bike and mobile studio he experiences different ways of communication - there are many lonely moments, but the TOY cap became like a source of strength and inspiration - it unleashes the curiosity to talk to strangers.


Andrea Wild and Raphael Kappeler | Mexico

Saving turtles, 2015

All you need is to be enthusiastic about getting involved. In 2015, they came across a conservation project during their vacation. They had a rare chance to contribute directly to the protection and preservation of sea turtles. The work done at this project is critical, as many of the turtle species that nest on the beaches in Mexico are increasingly endangered.


Dagny Sundstrom and Richard Telfer | London, UK - Africa

Making someone happy with used clothes, 2015

Dagny felt lonely and experienced fear being locked up at HPM Shepton Mallet, in a cell formerly resident to one of the Kray twins. She spent a full day in prison to raise funds and awareness for SOS Africa. The money she raised goes to Marlene Swartz, providing her with a personal education program.


David Kolinski | Lisbon, Portugal

Making someone happy with used clothes, 2015

David started that day with a mission. He put on the TOY shirt and cleaned his closet. He collected a pile of clothes he had not worn for some time and later gave away for a charity in Portugal. After the “hard work”, he went for a walk and felt good.


TOY cap project worldwide | Berlin, Germany

All religions under one roof, 2015

Together as a TOY family, we support the house of worship where Jews, Muslims and Christians are planning to build a synagogue, a church and a mosque under one roof. Never give up hope that we could all live in peace and be grateful.


Daniela Schildknecht | Feldkirch, Switzerland

Planting seeds in the shape of a heart, 2015

Daniela saw Yves growing up. His smile has helped her go the extra mile. Every year she plants seeds in the shape of a heart in her garden. When she cleans the closets, she brings the clothes to a home of refugees in the region. Helping others keep her smile.


Thorsten Albertz and Ernesto Alvarez | New York, USA

TOY keeping you warm, 2015

Thorsten and Ernesto collected jackets and warm coats from the TOY community. Upon arrival of the items from all over the world, they labeled them with the TOY keeping you warm labels. We all sent letters and cards that were hidden in the pockets of these warm clothes before they were distributed. Nobody should be left feeling cold.


Susie | Istanbul, Turkey

Running for charity, 2015

Susie is a personal trainer. Running just for running’s sake does not satisfy her. She loves the challenge and for each race she collects funds – a purpose to stay fit and to raise funds for different charities always puts a smile on her face when she crosses the finishing line.


David Trehondart | From Auschwitz to Birkenau

Memories will live forever, 2015

David went on the march of the living. More than 10'000 people from all over the world making sure not to forget, but maybe even more importantly to cherish the living and the future. David mentioned TOY on the note and he left it along the railway where the cattle trains would stop.


Elaine Ng and Fabio Rossi | Nepal

TOY keeping you warm, 2015

After the New York TOY friends started the project “TOY keeping you warm”, Elaine and Fabio also collected clothes in Hong Kong, labeled the sweaters and jackets and sent them to Nepal for people in need of warmth.


Joao and Yasmine with Mia | Singapore

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, 2015

Yasmine and Joao gave birth to the first TOY baby. Mia was born 2015 and she has become the love of so many lives. They host TOY gatherings in Singapore and wherever they go, they meet TOY friends. They are an inspiration to the whole TOY family.


Kim Howell and Timothy Dale | Kenya, Africa

To be smart can be cool, 2015

While on vacation in Africa, Kim and Tim spent time with kids in the local community through To engage with these children and hearing that smart is cool made them happy and appreciate what they have. They helped to transform the lives through the power of play.


Melanie Da Costa Leite | London, UK

Sharing a sandwich with a homeless person, 2015

To overcome the fear for approaching a stranger in need was the most challenging thing Melanie had not done in a long time. To share a sandwich with the TOY story and in return to hear the story of the homeless man made her cry.


Claudio Koller and Maria Grau | Bogota, Colombia

And the story continues, 2015

Maria and Claudio started a crowdfunding project on FB through Global Giving and raised more than chf 20'000.- for Albergue Infantil Mama Yolanda in Bogota, where Claudio stayed for a few weeks back in 2014. With their help they improved the life of 50 boys in Colombia.


Bianca Heller | Tanzania

Climbing the Kilimanjaro to challenge her own fear, 2015

Bianca shared her story how she climbed the Kilimanjaro. Her mission was to get comfortable being outside of her comfort zone because that is the only way to grow – a quote that has changed her life. Wearing the TOY cap, she had a guardian angel.


Melanie Da Costa Leite | London, UK

Running for charity in London, 2015

Knowing that she will support children in need in Africa, Melanie got up early and ran for a good cause. For her, it was worth to leave the warm bed anytime.


Tobias Kappeler | Switzerland, Worldwide

Sharing the message of HLH - TOY friends cheek to cheek, 2015

Tobias shared a touching story of Aksel, a boy suffering from HLH. He encouraged TOY friends to sign up for a simple and free cheek swab and to share this message with as many people as possible. Not only for Aksel, but to bring more awareness of HLH to help save other children.


Olga Ortiz | Miami, Florida

Making a difference - Always going the extra mile, 2015

Olga and her friends organized an event for Thanksgiving. They engaged with children, had a drawing competition, handed out toys, and danced. Olga is contagious with her efforts to make our world a better place.


Elizabeth Sanchez and Devorah Sasha | Miami, Florida

TOY Human Rights pocket guides for children, 2015

Elizabeth and Devorah organized a meaningful event for children and their families in Miami. Through art and games, they educated young children about the principles embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With the TOY booklets, we go the extra mile for human rights.


Aita Sulser and Deborah Kappeler | Zurich, Switzerland

A THANK YOU can make your day - don't take things for granted, 2015

Aita and Deborah handed out homemade chocolate during the Christmas season with a “TOY Thank You Note” to the men and women wearing orange uniforms. People cleaning our streets who never get much attention. Never take people and what they do for granted.


Elaine, Fabio and Massimo | Hong Kong

Families walking for families walkathon in HK, 2015

Fabio, Elaine and Massimo together with 800 community members from all corners of Hong Kong coming to walk in celebration of families. Together, we raised HK$2.2million to support young girls in crisis and children in adversity in Hong Kong.


Isaac Chong and Monique Burger | Kassel, Germany

One sound of the Histories - They will not be forgotten, 2015

We shall never forget. Monique participated as a living sculpture in Isaac Chong’s work “One sound of the Histories” and experienced an amazing unique moment where memories of the 100 participants were interweaving with the past, the present and the future.


Talia Moretti | Madrid – Bogota

Dreams without borders - TOY scholarship, 2014

Key note speaker Talia Moretti donated her honorarium for Sebastian Trujillo Rodriguez’s scholarship. He wants to become a professional DJ – TOY makes dreams come true.


Monique and Max Burger, Albergue Infantil Mama Yolanda | Bogota, Colombia

A room to play - Ludoteca TOY, 2014

As a birthday gift Monique received a cash cheque from the TOY family. The money was used to build a "Ludoteca TOY" at a care center in Bogota, Colombia. Children need education, but also a room to play.


Melanie Da Costa Leite | London - Africa

Water Project Africa, 2014

Why be happy? Why be anything else? Instead of birthday gifts Melanie raised money for the Water Project in Africa and shared the story of Mulitani Yessaya and her daily inspiration "what will I do with it".


Margrit Scheuber | Zurich, Switzerland

Laughter and smiles come in all shapes and sizes, 2014

Margrit and her god daughter, who is challenged with a heart condition, spent a few hours at the children's hospital with the "red noses". A special day with the clowndoctors to make children smile and help them forget for a moment about where they are and what their conditions are.


Maithili Parekh | Goa, India

Sometimes we just need someone to simply be there, 2014

Maithili gave birth to Shivan in March 2011,  the same month Yves passed away. Death takes us by surprise, but one never takes without giving something in return. This is a way of the Circle known as "balancing things". Maithili wore the TOY cap for a charity walk in Goa and was rewarded with a hug from her son.


Laura Hilber | London

Running for a cancer fund, 2014

It was freezing cold and Laura could have stayed in bed, but she was so happy and proud that she did the run for a cancer fund. Her friends cheered and knowing that she could make a change made her happy.


Katharina Suter and Julie Thut | Switzerland and Bogota

Julie and Katharina selling pillows, 2014

These pillows are handmade by Peruvian artists and donated by Olga Ortiz. The money raised was donated to Albergue Infantil in Bogota.


Karen-Sofie Kvamme | Zurich - worldwide

An encouraging smile can impact people and a smile can be contagious, 2014

Karen-Sofie started the Inside Out Project with artist JR in early 2014. She collected portraits of TOY friends wearing the TOY caps and smiling. Together with many TOY friends, she mounted the portraits during the Christmas Season in Zurich.


Jonas Anderson | Stockholm, Sweden

Healing with horses, 2014

Jonas was our event planner for TOY Stockholm. He was so touched by the TOY family and all our projects that he too wanted to do something that matters. His love and passion are horses. He offers lessons for children with special needs to heal on his horses.


Esther Wong | Singapore

It begins with a story, 2014

Esther was Yves’ “mom”, or better called “older sister”, during his studies in Singapore. She took him to dinner, helped him settle and introduced him to friends. It all begins with a story and she keeps telling the stories by taking her god child to Disney World while wearing the TOY cap. Live through the eyes of children and dare to go on rides at Disney World.


Titus Kaphar | De Anza College, California

Planting seeds of a creative social movement, 2014

Titus worked with students for two weeks to create artwork that addressed issues of the American prison complex and police harassment, specifically at young black men and people in color in general.


Fiete Stolte, Max and Monique Burger |

A blink of an eye - an artist captures the momentum, 2014

Monique visited Fiete in his studio and discussed the EYE project. He knew then that his wife Julia was pregnant and that he wanted to hold on to as many smiles of his son as possible, as we never know what awaits us around the corner.


Inge Haselsteiner | Bangladesh

Women for women - Doctors go the extra mile, 2014

Inge spends at least two weeks every year for She is a anesthetist and works together with a team of doctors to help women and children in Bangladesh suffering from physical injuries as a result of domestic abuse, war or other socio-cultural reasons in the third-world countries.


Dorfmeister boys | Singapore

Growing up with TOY, 2014

Branka and Stefan, parents of the Dorfmeister boys keep telling them stories about Yves and the TOY family. They have never met Yves, but he will always be part on their journey of growing up. Remembering while playing and knowing that they will always have a guardian angel.


Doreen Merkel and Stefan Rihs | Hong Kong – Philippines

Helping your domestic helper, 2014

How can you look the other way, when help is needed in your own home. Doreen and Stefan helped their local helper with clothes and funds to support her family in the Philippines.


Deborah Kappeler and TOY friends | Aarau, Switzerland

Raspberry sweets for a special palliative care project, 2014

Deborah initiated this project, together with a few TOY friends, they sold delicious sweets at an annual city event in Aarau, Switzerland. The money raised went to a children hospital for a special “palliative care project” in Zurich.


Claudio Koller | Bogota, Colombia

Spending time in an unfamiliar environment, 2014

Claudio met the group of kids from Colombia in Miami. Together with the leader and her team, he first spent a few days in Miami and Orlando. Then he worked for a whole month at Albergue Infantil Mama Yolanda, where he got to work with boys who had a difficult start in their lives.


Anna Abrell and Aita Sulser | Hong Kong

Mother's Choice - No baby should be left alone, 2014

Anna and Aita spent a week as volunteers at the home of “Mother’s choice” in HK. They looked after babies, helped create a new website, and they wrote letters, which every child will receive when they leave the institution. is a grass root non-profit organization that provides loving, nurturing care for single teenage girls and their families in crisis pregnancies.


Bianca and Laura Ledermann | Phuket, Thailand

To help those, who are excluded from the benefit of society, 2014

During the Christmas vacation in Phuket, Bianca and Laura spent a few hours at an institution called They worked with women and victims of human trafficking to improve dignity, to support self-sufficiency and to enhance the quality of life.


Ann and Muir Maxwell | Scotland, UK

A family being challenged, 2014

Muir was lost to them, but only in that perfect child they thought they had in the beginning. Muir has profound and multiple learning disabilities. With this short film they celebrate their son and Yves. Love never dies and they are in our hearts forever.


Birgid Uccia | Bombay, India

To help those, who are excluded from the benefit of society, 2014

Life is about the people you meet, the people you lost and what you create in their memory. Birgid shared a story of an Indian Cobbler who was an untouchable and who disappeared one day without leaving a trace and in acceptance of his fate. Through her story the cobbler’s story continues.


Christina de Pauli | Bogota, Colombia

So much love makes you cry, 2014

In order to finance her studies, Tina works as a flight attendant for Lufthansa. During a stay in Bogota she visited the Albergue Mama Yolanda and was welcomed with so much love and hugs. It made her cry, knowing that she can give by simply spending time with these boys. Of course many of the boys wanted to marry her on the spot.


Aita Sulser and Deborah Kappeler | Zurich, Switzerland

Saves lives by donating the essence of life, 2014

Aita and Deborah donated their blood in order to save lives. They encourage other TOY members to do the same in the cities they live.


Tobias Kappeler | India

Behind the scene of F1, 2013

Working for Mercedes F1 team, Tobi got a chance to make a dream come true for a boy in India. He could bring him to the paddocks and meet the drivers. To see the smile on the boy’s face made all the VIP guests realize that we should never take things for granted.


Max and Monique with Hans Leusen | Brazil

Home for elderly people in Salvador, 2013

Hans Leusen started this project a few years ago. A home for homeless elderly people in Salvador. We sponsored the expansion for a bigger kitchen and a play room for people who were left on the streets. To be surrounded by love and family for the rest of their lives.


Max and Monique with the whole TOY family | Miami, Florida

Dreams Without Border Project, 2013

To see and feel the ocean for the first time in their lives. Together with "Dreams Without Borders", TOY made travel dreams come true for 12 children from Bogota. They traveled to Miami and Orlando in December and spent a few days away from home.


Max and Monique | Colombia

TOY scholarship, 2013

For Sofia Vergara scholarships – Dreams without borders, Max and Monique enabled two TOY scholarships. One for Jonathan, who wants to be an industrial engineer and one for Monica, who wants to earn a degree in Electronic Engineering.


Lukas Amacher | Lisbon, Portugal

Three week expedition for artists, 2013

Lukas joined a team of artists and they went on a three- week expedition. They met many artists from all disciplines from around the world. During exhibition day he wore the TOY cap and shared the story.


Laura Krull-Harris | Switzerland

Bake sale stand in the suburbs of Geneva, 2013

The aim of this bake sale was to raise funds to support a Swiss Association very close to Laura's heart, providing support in Burkina Faso, Africa. All raised funds went towards purchasing bikes allowing the local women to either get to their jobs, or perhaps to collect water and wood for their households.


Laura Hilber | London | Philippines

Running for Red Cross Philippines, 2013

Laura raised funds while running a half marathon in London. She was happy and proud of going the extra mile to raise awareness and make a change.


Nedko Solakov | Vidin on the Danube River, Bulgaria

How to be satisfied with your fate, 2013

Nedko met Alexander Sasho in 2013 during Christmas. Alexander suffered from DMD, Duchenne muscular Dystrophy  and he knew that he had only a few more months to live. Therefore, he offered his healthy organs on eBay. It was all over the news, how this boy dealt with his fate in life. With a crying eye Nedko let us know that Alexander passed away in 2014. After the funeral he donated the two wheelchairs that he bought specifically for Alexander to two other children, who suffered from the same disease.


Gruenwald family and Tobias Kappeler | Zurich, Switzerland

Getting to know the TOY family, 2013

Tobi went on a mission to get to know other friends of Yves. He became a dear friend of the Gruenwald family and through hard work and through that connection he got a job at the Mercedes F1 team. Seeing the possibilities of a great network.


Gianni Jetzer with Nouema | New York, USA

The Future Belongs To Those Who Make A Change, 2013

It was freezing cold, but Gianni got up to run the marathon for Childlren’s Tumor Foundation in New York in February, in order to raise funds and awareness for the Foundation’s comprehensive approach to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis. Gianni never takes for granted that he has a lovely daughter, Nouema, who one day might run with him.


Evita and Anja Schildknecht | Rapperswil, Switzerland

Helping hands for a whole week during vacation, 2013

Evita and Anja helped clean the stables and looked after the horses for a woman who just lost her husband.


David Trehondart | Paris | Tanzania

Soccer clothes and collectible items, 2013

David donates soccer items with a crying eye, but he still smiles with the knowing that he makes others happy. He cleaned his closet and brought bags full of T-shirts, shorts etc to Paris. All these items were sent to Tanzania in order to make kids happy.


Celine Thut | Burgundy, France

Helping hands during a pilgrimage, 2013

Together with her friend Sheila, Celine went to Burgundy to support the pastor Andreas Schneiter in a mission to spend a week with a group of high school children from Switzerland. They helped through the community’s ecumenical outlook to encourage those young adults to live in the spirit of kindness, simplicity and reconciliation.



Running the BUPA, 2013

Anna runs for charity. The donated money is for universal cause with no geographical limits. In memory of Yves, she eats chocolate pancakes afterwards.



Because of the doors, we may use the house, 2012

Gianni was the director of Swiss Institute in NY from 2006 to 2013. You have to look up in order to see “Thinking Of Yves” – seeing is believing. The sign radiated good energy and a blessing for passersby and the institute.



Te Amo, 2011

When children play, the world wins. Building Casa Yves Boy and supporting the welfare of children who live in this building.